Closed Visit by Jade Evans animated short film | STASH MAGAZINE

“Closed Visit” by Jade Evans

If you’ve experienced any side of the single-parent equation (as a child or parent), this quiet short film from London animator/illustrator Jade Evans will certainly resonate and possibly spring a tear or two. [Read more]

Nice and Serious From Coercion to Justice | STASH MAGAZINE

Anti-torture: “From Coercion to Justice” by Nice and Serious

Nice and Serious in London: “The Association for the Prevention of Torture commissioned us to create an animation to explain that safeguards in the first hours of police custody can prevent torture and convince States of the need for a universal protocol based on non-coercive interviews.” [Read more]

Nice and Serious_Touch Yourself | STASH MAGAZINE

Nice and Serious Wants You to “Touch Yourself”

Just in time for World Cancer Day on February 4th, Nice and Serious let their illustrative talents hang out in this vibrant mammary-fest – part of their initiative encouraging women to check for signs of breast cancer. [Read more]

“The Wind in the Willows: Official Trailer” is Not a Trailer

The recent surge in high-end commercial stop-motion projects continues in dramatic form with this ambitious environmental PSA disguised as the trailer for a remake of Kenneth Grahame’s kids’ classic “The Wind in the Willows.” [Read more]