Director Animator Reece-Parker-Hornet | STASH MAGAZINE

Hornet Signs Reece Parker to Director Roster

From the release:

Hornet is delighted to welcome Reece Parker to our director roster. Reece is a director and illustrator with a robust portfolio and a refreshingly unique perspective. Completely self-taught, with a virtuosic mastery of motion graphics and 2D animation, Reece isn’t your typical animation director.” [Watch]

Minima Blockchain Manifesto by Ordinary Folk | STASH MAGAZINE

Minima Blockchain “Manifesto” by Ordinary Folk

From the team at Ordinary Folk in Vancouver: “When it came to introducing their mission to the world, Minima wanted to go for something a little outside what you’d normally expect from a web3 company.” [Watch]

OFFF Vienna 2021 Repeater Title Film Ian Bradley and Carbon | STASH MAGAZINE

OFFF Vienna 2021 “Repeater” Title Film by Ian Bradley and Carbon

The 2021 edition of OFFF Vienna launched with this ambitious and atmospheric allegory from director Ian Bradley and the creative team at animation/VFX studio Carbon, complete with a live orchestral score by Antfood. [Watch]

Battle Axe "Timelord" Promo Video by Reece Parker | STASH MAGAZINE

Battle Axe “Timelord” Promo Video by Reece Parker

Director/illustrator/animator Reece Parker in Seattle: “Adam Plouff from Battle Axe originally enlisted me to test an early beta version of his new tool Timelord, the successor to his widely popular Overlord.” [Watch]

Microsoft Alt "Emily’s Story (Directors Cut)" by Reece Parker | STASH MAGAZINE

Microsoft Alt “Emily’s Story (Directors Cut)” by Reece Parker and Trifilm

Animation director/illustrator Reece Parker in Seattle: “I was approached again by Trifilm to direct an animated portion of their new film in the Microsoft Alt series – this time examining an experimental cancer treatment made possible through AI technology.” [Watch]

Century 21 at 50 by Natalie Labarre and Yves Geleyn | STASH MAGAZINE

Century 21 at 50 by Natalie Labarre and Yves Geleyn

Hornet directors Natalie Labarre and Yves Geleyn help Century 21 celebrate 50 years in the real estate trade with a series of warm-hearted (and in one case, tear-inducing) real-world stories from agents who go above and beyond selling houses. [Watch]

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