State of Design Poll 2018 | STASH MAGAZINE

Stash State of Design Poll 2018

This is your chance to weigh in on issues facing all of us in the creative industry. It only takes two minutes – so go ahead, CLICK RIGHT HERE, tap the POLL button and choose your answers. [Read more]

Cage collaboration Platform | STASH MAGAZINE

Cage Creative Collaboration and Project Management Platform

If your creative team members are scattered around the country or across continents, you know keeping everyone on the same page is a major challenge. And that’s exactly why Sandip Patel and his team built Cage. [Read more]


Keep Great Company at STYLE FRAMES!

Join 35 STYLE FRAMES speakers plus an audience full of designers, directors, animators, ADs, CDs, ACDs, ECDs, producers and EPs, HOPs, VPs, SVPs, VFX artists/supervisors, educators, audio and interactive designers plus VR producers, from all sides of the creative industry. [Read more]

Old Pixar marketing tape | STASH MAGAZINE

Travel back to 1990 with this Pixar Marketing Tape

While buying gear at the auction for a bankrupt studio, animator, educator and film archivist Steve Stanchfield over at Cartoon Research spotted a VHS case labelled “Pixar Marketing Tape.” Prepare yourself. [Read more]

motion design survey | STASH MAGAZINE

Take the Planet’s Shortest Motion Design Survey!

No seriously. Like 10 seconds and you’re done. Compiled by Lilian Darmono, Lola Landekic, Victoria Nece and Bran Dougherty-Johnson.

[Read more]

Logan Pictures | STASH MAGAZINE

LOGAN Expands into Film and Television with Logan Pictures

LOGAN moves into content development with the launch of Logan Pictures led by producer Nick Moceri. The slate of film, television, and new media projects includes the Sundance hit “A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night,” written and directed by Ana Lily Amirpour and produced by Elijah Wood. [Read more]