Sendcloud Brand Film by Henrique Barone | STASH MAGAZINE

Henrique Barone Keeps it Light and Fresh for Sendcloud

Vancouver director/animator Henrique Barone heads up a tight team thru Agent Pekka to keep this brand film for shipping software maker Sendcloud light and fresh while hitting all the benefit and feature points of the brief. [Watch]

TAVO Studio CIRCUS Social Club Madrid | STASH MAGAZINE

TAVO Studio Redefines the Circus for Madrid Social Club

Given free rein to create the branding and motion assets for CIRCUS, an exclusive new social club in Madrid, the team at TAVO Studio responded with a delightful flourish of rich, intricate, and surreal visuals. [Watch]

Hublot Integrated Tourbillon Full Carbon by Ditroit | STASH MAGAZINE

Ditroit Gets Deep Into the Details of Hublot’s Integrated Tourbillon Full Carbon

In their latest collaboration with Swiss luxury watch brand Hublot, CD Salvatore Giuntathe and the motion crew at Ditroit in Milan embrace their 3D design and rendering OCD and crank the hyper-detail dial up to 11. [Watch]

The Beekeeper Main Titles by Filmograph | STASH MAGAZINE

Inside the Filmograph Hive Mind on “The Beekeeper” Titles

Working with director David Ayer (Training Day, Suicide Squad), the Filmograph motion team opens action feature The Beekeeper with a tense tapestry of antique engravings, macro photography, CG, and an infinity of hexagons. [Watch]

xCruza Peabody eTermo Electric Thermos by Juan Andres Molteno | STASH MAGAZINE

Molten Layers Up in New Explainer for xCruza’s eTermo Electric Thermos

Buenos Aires director/designer Juan Andrés Molteno (aka Molten) brings a fresh and engaging mix of 3D style and 2D motion graphics to this snappy explainer for industrial design studio xCruza and their Peabody eTermo electric thermos. [Watch]

Heat Wave Visual MX250 Goggles Launch Film by Inertia Studios | STASH MAGAZINE

The Dust Refuses to Settle in Inertia’s New Launch Film for Heat Wave Visual

Director Thomas Valente and the design and animation team at Inertia Studios in London (who made the Best of Stash 2023 with their Helfare spot) brave a serious dust storm in this launch film for Heat Wave Visual’s MX250 goggles. [Watch]