Dan-Hoopert-Audio-Synthesis-Bird-Songs short film | STASH MAGAZINE

The Delightful Motion/Sound Connection in Bird Songs and Trees

London-based designer/AD Dan Hoopert just released the second short film in his Audio Synthesis series exploring the relationship between motion and sound. Although technically-driven, both films make for delightful viewing. [Watch]

BODIES Netflix titles Marcus Armitage Studio AKA | STASH MAGAZINE

Marcus Armitage Takes His Time With “BODIES” for Netflix

In striking contrast to the narrative complexities and relentless pacing of BODIES, Studio AKA director Marcus Armitage opens the Netflix series with clean, calm titles that tastefully allude to the show’s time-related mystery. [Watch]

Ultra Bounce Case CASETiFY brand film Superdesigners | STASH MAGAZINE

Superdesigners Try to Destroy CASETiFY’s Ultra Bounce Case

The design and animation team at Superdesigners studio in Hong Kong subjects CASETiFY’s new Ultra Bounce Case to a barrage of virtual perils and prat falls in a fun new brand film. [Watch]

Ernest Desumbila Detonates Heartsteel Paranoia Music Video for Riot | STASH MAGAZINE

Ernest Desumbila Detonates Heartsteel “Paranoia” Music Video for Riot

Director Ernest Desumbila and his crew at Sauvage.TV in Barcelona snap back to the League of Legends world with impossibly kinetic action layered up in CG and glitchy hand-animated 2D for Riot Games virtual boy band Heartsteel. [Watch]

Polymath Hay Crate Short Film | STASH MAGAZINE

Polymath Elevates the Hay Crate in New Short Film

Cincinnati studio Polymath Motion celebrates the minimalist beauty and thoughtful utility of Hay’s 100% recycled color crates with an elegant in-house exercise in form, light, and composition. [Watch]

BarkandBite Crocs Off Court | STASH MAGAZIINE

Bark&Bite Takes Croc’s “Off Court” and Into Print

Inspired by print magazines and fanzines, the design and animation crew at Bark&Bite in London say they “aimed at pulling on nostalgic heartstrings” in their first work for Crocs. [Watch]