Supinfocom Legend Crabe Phare | STASH MAGAZINE

The Legend Of The Crabe Phare

A major hit on the festival circuit and winner of Best Student Project at Siggraph, “The Legend Of The Crabe Phare” was created by five talented students at SUPINFOCOM Valenciennes as their graduation film. [Watch]

Garden Party animated short film | STASH MAGAZINE

Behold the “Garden Party” (Full Film and Behind the Scenes)

Back in May 2017 we published the trailer for “Garden Party,” one of the most promising student films we’d seen in years. The breadth and height of that promise was confirmed this week with the release of the full film. [Watch]

LaSalle College Modern Legends | STASH MAGAZINE

Lasalle College “Modern Legends”

Ran Sieradzki, Lead Faculty of animation at Lasalle College in Vancouver: “A local BC artist named Corey Moraes approached us with his ideas and vision about super heroes that relate to his First Nations heritage. “Influenced by Corey’s vision and ideas, the students came up with a trailer-like idea for a movie that talks about […] [Watch]

Cecile Carre_Burn Out | STASH MAGAZINE

Cécile Carre “Burn Out”

Polished classical animation, gentle conflict, and a heart-tugging life lesson separate “Burn Out” from the pack of student films we’ve seen in 2017 and establish Gobelins grad Cécile Carre as a talent to watch. [Watch]

Jubilee animated short film | STASH MAGAZINE

Hat’s Off to MOPA Student Film “Jubilee”

A Queen’s Guard and trusty corgi will stop at nothing to return her majesty’s hat in this delightful graduation film created by five students at the MoPA school of 3D Animation in Arles, France. [Watch]

The Light in the Darkness Short Film | STASH MAGAZINE

Eli Guillou Finds “The Light in the Dark”

Wise words, austere visuals, and heart-felt narration conjure a surprisingly complex array of emotions in Eli Guillou’s film “The Light in the Dark” created during his senior year at SCAD. [Watch]