Piktura Ferme les Yeux Short Film | STASH MAGAZINE

Piktura Students Find Hope in Tragedy With Animated Short Film “Ferme les Yeux”

A team of seven 5th-year students at French digital arts school Piktura unravels a tragic tale of “a heavy secret and oblivious parents” in an artful and ultimately hopeful animated short film called Ferme les Yeux (Close Your Eyes). [Watch]

Piktura Students Cook Up 180C Short Film | STASH MAGAZINE

Piktura Students Chop and Cook Their Way to “180°C” Short Film

Third year students Joséphine Vendeville, Clémence Bellet, Florian Lecocq, Célia Leblois, and Charlie Bossuyt at French digital arts school Piktura (formerly Pôle 3D) craft a culinary world tour in their short film “180°C”. [Watch]

Best-of-Stash-2023-Short-Films | STASH MAGAZINE

Best of Stash 2023: Short Films!

Whether as a way to bolster the reel or as relief from the pressures of briefs and budgets, short films provide a welcome outlet for self-expression and experimentation with 2023 delivering an extraordinary crop of work. [Watch]

Ecole MoPA La Diplomatie de eclipse Short Film | STASH MAGAZINE

Ecole MoPA Students Align the Sun and Moon in “La Diplomatie de L’éclipse” Short Film

Clear your mind and set aside eight minutes to get lost in La Diplomatie de L’éclipse, the lyrical, thoughtful, and impossibly resplendent short from five fifth-year animation students at Ecole MoPA in Arles, France. [Watch]

Gobelins Animated Short Film Sunscreen | STASH MAGAZINE

Gobelins 2023 Grad Film “Sunscreen” Finds Fear and Loathing in Outer Space

The latest short film release from the Gobelins 2023 computer animation class tracks the visually arresting ebb and flow of buried inner traumas as they wash over a young woman trapped in a disabled space station. [Watch]

BOOM Short Film Ecole des Nouvelles Images | STASH MAGAZINE

Family Values Go “BOOM” in Academy Award-Winning Student Film

The many frustrations of shared parenting in the face of impending doom are tied together with impeccable comic timing in this multi-award-winning comedy from five young director/animators graduating from École des Nouvelles Images. [Watch]