Get in the Mood for Halloween With Kristoffer Brady’s “GHOSTS”

Director/concept artist Kristoffer Brady in Paris: “GHOSTS is a tribute to the original animated short Hashiru Otoko by anime master Yoshiaki Kawajiri, creator of the classics Vampire Hunter D, Wicked City, and Ninja Scroll. [Watch]

Scholar-SCAD-fashion-2023 | STASH MAGAZINE

Chris Finn and Scholar Enter New “Dimensions” with Opening Film for SCAD Fashion Showcase

The SCAD Fashion program kicked off its 2023 live runway show with this ambitious film by Scholar director/CD Chris Finn (SCAD B.F.A, 2015) combining dance, motion design, and AI with garments by 100 graduating students. [Watch]

Hublot MP-13 launch film by Tendril | STASH MAGAZINE

Tendril Lights Up the MP-13 Launch for Hublot

Have we reached peak CG watch wars? Impossible to really tell of course but one thing we can state for certain: for sheer quantity and quality of commissioned output, Swiss luxury horologists Hublot are the current front runners. [Watch]

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