Erik Wernquist One Revolution Per Minute Short Film | STASH MAGAZINE

Welcome Aboard Erik Wernquist’s Latest Love Letter to Space “One Revolution Per Minute”

Stockholm digital artist Erik Wernquist continues to mine his fascination with all things space-related in his newest short film, a finely detailed and thoughtfully lit peek inside a planetary orbiter built for leisure travel. [Watch]

Limitless Space Go Incredibly Fast ExplainerErik Wernquist | STASH MAGAZINE

Limitless Space Institute “Go Incredibly Fast” Explainer by Erik Wernquist

Digital artist Erik Wernquist in Stockholm: “If we want to travel beyond our solar system within a human lifetime, we will need to find ways to go incredibly fast. Ultimately, it comes down to our understanding of physics and the laws that govern the Universe. [Watch]

Best of Stash Brand films | STASH MAGAZINE

Best of Stash 2017: Brand Films

Free from the duration, format, and censorship restrictions associated with mainstream TV or cinema advertising, brand films allow for a refreshing range of techniques, narratives and visual styles. [Watch]

Eric Wernquist Cassini | STASH MAGAZINE

Can the Death of a Spacecraft make you Emotional?

In September 2017 NASA’s Cassini spacecraft will end it’s 20-year mission observing Saturn and its moons and commence a heroic, one-way dive into Saturn’s atmosphere. [Watch]

Wernquist_Wanderers | STASH MAGAZINE

“WANDERERS”: Our Future in Space by Erik Wernquist

Building on the sage words of Carl Sagan reading from his 1994 book Pale Blue Dot, Stockholm digital artist and animator Erik Wernquist crafts a spectacular vision of humanity’s possible future in space. All scenes are digital recreations of real places in the Solar System built from photographs and map data where available. [Watch]