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Best of Stash 2021: Short Films

Removing client briefs and budget concerns from the creative equation can result in paralyzing indecision or, in the case of these eight short films, it can spark a confident quest for narrative and visual innovation. [Watch]

script.exe Team Tumult | STASH MAGAZINE

“script.exe” Animated Poem by Team Tumult

From the crew at Team Tumult in Zurich, Switzerland: “script.exe is the result of the third Team Tumult Ani-Jam that we held in September 2021. In a three-day team retreat at the beautiful Walensee Resort, we contemplated on artificial intelligence, discussed new ways of storytelling, and wrote a collaborative script, which we turned into an abstract, visual journey back in our Studio.” [Watch]

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"The Lonely Orbit" Short Film by Team Tumult | STASH MAGAZINE

“The Lonely Orbit” Short Film by Team Tumult

A major hit on the festival circuit, this surprisingly emotional tale of a satellite technician and his battle with loneliness was created at Team Tumult in Zurich with Frederic Siegel and Benjamin Morard directing. [Watch]

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Team Tumult Interdimensional Melancholy short film | STASH MAGAZINE

Time for a Little “Interdimensional Melancholy”

Team Tumult, a collective of five animators/illustrators/storytellers based in Zurich, take time out from their commissioned work for a light-hearted poke at death and mourning called “Interdimensional Melancholy.” [Watch]