HPE: Moral Code, The Ethics of AI by Dress Code | STASH MAGAZINE

Dress Code and HPE Explore “The Ethics of AI”

“The implications and promises of artificial intelligence (AI) are unimaginable. But what’s possible today will be dwarfed by the great potential of AI in the near future. [Read more]

Gentleman Scholar HP | STASH MAGAZINE

Gentleman Scholar’s Typographic Feast: HP Sprout “Manifesto”

Gentleman Scholar show off their typographic and multi-media chops with this perfectly-paced clip for HP’s new Sprout 3D-scanning PC thru 180LA. “The vignettes were crafted to conjure both the nostalgia of physical artistry and the exciting possibilities of digital immersion, with the typography acting as a [Read more]

Artist: Thiago OliveiraStudio: Lobo / Vetor Zero Info from Oliveira: “Styeframes for HP’s campaign “Alicia Keys Beats”, the idea was to create transitions using illustration and animation techniques showing people flying into Alicia’s ears and entering a visual world based in her experiences. At first I thought of using LiveAction in this project.” [Read more]