Ital Tek The Mirror Music Video Karl Poyzer | STASH MAGAZINE

Karl Poyzer Explores Ambient Architecture in New Ital Tek Music Video “The Mirror”

UK director/animator/cinematographer Karl Poyzer, who we know best from his hilarious Floaters short films, steers a more ambient and austere course for this music video, a full-CG effort for Britsh composer/producer Ital Tek. [Watch]

Inframunk-Breathe-GMUNK | STASH MAGAZINE

Inframunk “First Breath” Ambient Art by GMUNK

GMUNK: “In the genesis chapter of Inframunk Is Breathing, an infusion of something as basic as the breath of life triggers a cellular-level excavation through the lens of mutation. A digital valve releases a respiratory bloom and what transpires is a dance of psychedelic botany.” [Watch]

Stash 149 Preview Trailer | STASH MAGAZINE
"Ziemia / Soil" Ambient Art Film by Zuzanna Kolodziej | STASH MAGAZINE

“Ziemia / Soil” Ambient Art Film by Zuzanna Kolodziej

3D artist and motion designer Zuzanna Kołodziej in Gdynia, Poland: “In Polish, the word describing soil (ziemia) is synonymous to ‘Earth’, which I think is a meaningful coincidence. [Watch]

Sandtimer short film by Analog | STASH MAGAZINE

“Sandtimer” Ambient CG Short film by Analog

Director Simon Reeves at Analog in London: “The medium of CG is often used to heighten the intensity of tightly paced, quick cut, energetic work; instead we have used it slow the pulse – ten minutes of calming audiovisual meditative escape.” [Watch]