Stash issue 162 cover image | STASH MAGAZINE
Billy short film for Pause Originals by ZHEESHEE | STASH MAGAZINE

This Garbage Robot Needs Your Help to Be a Dad

In a refreshingly upbeat take on the future of the environment, director Artem Shcherbakov and the ZHEESHEE animation crew introduce a trash-powered robot with existential problems for the 2023 portfolio of Pause Originals short films. [Watch]

The Spark Short Film by ZEESHEE | STASH MAGAZINE

Artem Shcherbakov and Otar Berov Find “The Spark” in New Short Film

Directors Artem Shcherbakov and Otar Berov rally an international crew of artists and animators to rescue a failed commercial pitch and transform it into a genre-hopping tale of standing up to your greatest fears. [Watch]

Zemfira "Austin" Music Video by Petrick | STASH MAGAZINE

Zemfira “Austin” Music Video by Petrick

Music video and game trailer blend into a dramatic and dream-fueled six-minute epic in this new work from Moscow studios Petrick and Zheeshee for Russian singer Zemfira and starring Austin, the balding butler from Homescapes. [Watch]

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