Iceman George Gervin One9 doc inserts Studio AKA | STASH MAGAZINE

Studio AKA Paints Portraits of the “Iceman” for One9

Studio AKA director Steve Small conjures the dark times in the life of NBA hall of famer George Gervin in three evocative animated portait sequences for One9’s documentary Iceman, released on the NBA App and NBA TV. [Watch]

Studio AKA Blown Away Admiral Insurance | STASH MAGAZINE

Studio AKA Get “Blown Away” for Admiral Insurance

Director Steve Small and the animation crew at Studio AKA in London showcase their talents for understated wit and comedic timing in this 30-second charmer full of wonderful character quirks for UK insurance company Admiral. [Watch]

Raised by Wolves opening titles by Studio AKA | STASH MAGAZINE

Studio AKA Opens “Raised by Wolves” for Ridley Scott

Working in close collaboration with Ridley Scott, Studio AKA director Steve Small crafts a somber but somehow hopeful title sequence for “Raised by Wolves”, the new HBO Max series about androids raising human children on a distant planet. [Watch]