Jaguar TCS Racing Gen3 Launch Film okean | STASH MAGAZINE

Jaguar TCS Racing Gen3 Launch Film (Director’s Cut) by okean and Floss Creatives

Creative director Oleg Karasev at okean in Rotterdam, the Netherlands: “Introducing the most advanced EV racing. A bold and modern design inspired by abstract art, the test car concept signals a dramatic presentation of the new Gen3 FIA Formula E race car for Jaguar TCS Racing. [Watch]

"Cognos Analytics with IBM" Explainer by Andrew Vucko | STASH MAGAZINE

“Cognos Analytics with IBM” Explainer by Andrew Vucko

Designer/director Andrew Vucko in Toronto: “Cognos Analytics is an AI-fueled platform that visualizes and analyzes data for anyone in an organization. [Watch]

Bureau Klaus Alman Intro's Coto Studios' Supertamp | STASH MAGAZINE

Bureau Klaus Alman Intro’s Coto Studios’ Supertamp

Thomas Hermes at Bureau Klaus Alman in Cologne, Germany: “We created a short product teaser for our friends at Gerdesmeyer Krohn, who designed a new espresso tamper called Supertamp for Coto Studios.” [Watch]

Eternal Installations short film by Andreas Wannerstedt | STASH MAGAZINE

“Eternal Installations” Short Film by Andreas Wannerstedt

Andreas Wannerstedt, art director and motion designer in Stockholm: “This is a surreal journey through a series of dreamlike environments, where large-scale art installations are stretching the boundaries of physical laws. [Watch]

Oddly Satisfying vol.7 Andreas Wannerstedt | STASH MAGAZINE

Oddly Satisfying Vol. 7 by Andreas Wannerstedt

CG artist and motion designer Andreas Wannerstedt in Stockholm: “Oddly Satisfying Vol. 7 is a series of different short loops, each one based upon the idea to trigger some kind of odd satisfaction and that inexplicable feeling we all know.” [Watch]