Sea Shepherd Neptune Navy | STASH MAGAZINE

L’Affreux Bonhomme for Sea Sheppard “The Neptune Navy”

Parisian motion design studio L’Affreux Bonhomme helps US non-profit The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society mark its 40th year defending the oceans and marine life with this brisk animated documentary. [Read more] Joy and Heron | STASH MAGAZINE

Kyra & Constantin Craft a Little Joy for

Joy, the canine mascot for China’s largest retailer, does battle with a persistent mother heron in this sweet brand film directed with obvious affection by Kyra & Constantin at Passion Animation for thru [Read more]

Nike Nothing Beats a Londoner | STASH MAGAZINE

Time Based Arts: Nike’s “Nothing Beats a Londoner”

Shoreditch VFX shop Time Based Arts supplied the 2D and 3D work on Nike’s new street-level three-minute epic highlighting the talents of young Londoners. Directed by Riff Raff’s Megaforce thru Wieden+Kennedy. [Read more]

Vestre Atlas Bench | STASH MAGAZINE

Racecar Launches the Atlas Bench System for Vestre

Austere compositions rendered in a playful confectioner’s palette amplify the visual impact of this launch film for Vestre’s Atlas outdoor seating system created by Racecar in Oslo. [Read more]

Pfizer “Half Protected” | STASH MAGAZINE

Lumbre Revs Up Pfizer with “Half Protected”

With their new online video for Pfizer, Buenos Aires design studio Lumbre have created a masterclass in how to turn a healthcare warning about vaccines into punchy, music-driven infotainment. [Read more]

Akama Renault Z. E. The Postman | STASH MAGAZINE

Wizz, Akama and NKI Re-team for Renault “The Postman”

Classic story structure and compelling execution make this knight-must-defeat-dragon-to-get-princess tale an entertaining and effective brand film for Renault’s Z.E. line of all-electric cars. [Read more]