TAVO Studio CIRCUS Social Club Madrid | STASH MAGAZINE

TAVO Studio Redefines the Circus for Madrid Social Club

Given free rein to create the branding and motion assets for CIRCUS, an exclusive new social club in Madrid, the team at TAVO Studio responded with a delightful flourish of rich, intricate, and surreal visuals. [Watch]

ASN Bank Groene Bedoelingen by Ambassadors | STASH MAGAZINE

Ambassadors Animate ASN Bank’s Good Intentions With a New Cast of Creatures

In their latest animation for ASN Bank, the crew at Ambassadors in Amsterdam continue to create quirky and compelling characters but update the production pipeline to include fully 3D environments and real-time rendering. [Watch]

Starfield Wild Imagination Trailer by Nicole Ackermann and The Mill | STASH MAGAZINE

Nicole Ackermann and The Mill Engage “Wild Imagination” for Starfield Trailer

Backed up by an orchestral cover of Elton John’s “Rocket Man”, a massive VFX team at The Mill bring director Nicole Ackermann’s sweeping tale of hope and aspiration to life in this game trailer for Bethesda Softworks’ Starfield. [Watch]

Hublot Integrated Tourbillon Full Carbon by Ditroit | STASH MAGAZINE

Ditroit Gets Deep Into the Details of Hublot’s Integrated Tourbillon Full Carbon

In their latest collaboration with Swiss luxury watch brand Hublot, CD Salvatore Giuntathe and the motion crew at Ditroit in Milan embrace their 3D design and rendering OCD and crank the hyper-detail dial up to 11. [Watch]

Eleven Motion Designers Reveal their Vegan Origin Stories in short film | STASH MAGAZINE

Eleven Motion Designers Animate their Vegan Origin Stories

Canadian illustrator/animator Charlie Gagne (aka Dinos&Teacups) gathers 10 other vegan designers for a collaborative exploration of the personal moments that lead each of them to start living without animal exploitation. [Watch]

The Beekeeper Main Titles by Filmograph | STASH MAGAZINE

Inside the Filmograph Hive Mind on “The Beekeeper” Titles

Working with director David Ayer (Training Day, Suicide Squad), the Filmograph motion team opens action feature The Beekeeper with a tense tapestry of antique engravings, macro photography, CG, and an infinity of hexagons. [Watch]

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