The Heist Artist Takeover Thinkingbox Branding | STASH MAGAZINE

The Heist Rallies an Artist Takeover for Thinkingbox Re-Brand

Prajay Mehta, director of animation at Vancouver prodco The Heist: “We assembled a crew of talented artists and let them loose on Thinkingbox’s brand redesign. Charged with looking beyond the (thinking)box, what resulted was creative exploration in the truest sense of the word.” [Watch]

“MACRO/micro” Animated Collaboration by Margaret Bialis and Friends

Feeling overworked and realizing she hadn’t animated anything just for fun in a long time, Chicago animation director Margaret Bialis gathered 11 talented friends for a joint look at the big and small in their lives. [Watch]

Defenders of Wildlife Wolf Awareness Week Very True Story | STASH MAGAZINE

Defenders of Wildlife “Wolf Awareness Week” by Adam Glickfield and Very True Story

Director Adam Glickfield at Very True Story in Oakland, CA: “We were thrilled to partner with Defenders of Wildlife once again to create an animation to amplify their message of conservation and protection.” [Watch]