Illo’s New Explainer for Thousand Currents is Motion Design for a Meaningful Cause

Creative director Cristina Pasquale leads the illustration and animation teams at illo in Turin, Italy, into a global adventure of bold colors, geometric patterns and diverse characters for grant-making organization Thousand Currents. [Watch]

Microsoft One Drive AppStore Video by NotReal | STASH MAGAZINE

NotReal Keep Their Heads in the Cloud for Microsoft’s OneDrive Film

CDs Milton Gonzalez and Valeria Moreiro lead the motion design crew at NotReal into their latest product film for Microsoft, an exuberant showcase for the features and benefits of the company’s OneDrive file hosting service. [Watch]

Found Weight Loss App explainer Illo | STASH MAGAZINE

Illo Keeps it Light for Found Weight Loss App

Creative directors Cristina Pasquale and Ilenia Notarangelo at Illo in Turin, Italy: “Found is not just a doctor-led weight loss app, but a platform offering a new lifestyle. It provides clinical treatment as well as coaching for issues related to weight care, support, nutrition, and exercise, helping users start – and maintain a healthier life. [Watch]

Illo brand film for Hologram IoT | STASH MAGAZINE

Illo Connects Hologram to the IoT Future in New Brand Film

From the team at Illo in Turin, Italy: “We were excited to work with cellular IoT platform Hologram and bring their vision of a connected future (and present!) to life for their participation in the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. [Watch]

NotReal Shows Off Microsoft Designer with Sweet Sizzle Reel

From the team at NotReal: “Our mission was to show how the Microsoft Designer app works in a fun and easy way, looking for the right balance between a realistic product UX and the emotional thrill to engage users.” [Watch]

Lobster Celebrates 80K Instagram Milestone | STASH MAGAZINE

Lobster Celebrates 80K Instagram Milestone with 80’s Vibe

From the team at Lobster studio in Sofia, Bulgaria: “This animation was created to celebrate 80K Followers on our IG channel. We’ve incorporated a 1980’s vibe in the piece to say thank you to everyone for being such a great audience!” [Watch]

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