Vascolo Sushi Crush short film | STASH MAGAZINE

Kung Fu Meets Ursa Major in New “Sushi Crush” Short Film

We’re guessing the all-Buenos Aires team of animation/design studio Váscolo and Drop Music Branding had a blast making this action-comedy short featuring a legendary Kung Fu master, a very hungry bear, and their shared love of raw fish. [Watch]

Stash issue 141 Preview | STASH MAGAZINE
"The Fall" short film by Vascolo | STASH MAGAZINE

Taking “The Fall” with Vascolo

Váscolo in Buenos Aires: “We’re extremely happy to share with you the new in-house project we have been toiling on for the past three years! ‘The Fall’ comes to life as a chimera, a drop dream that lets your imagination go wild.” [Watch]

SYFY25 Origin Stories Podcast | STASH MAGAZINE

Laundry and Friends Tell SYFY25 Origin Stories

To punch up the launch of “SYFY25: Origin Stories,” a podcast featuring interviews with sci-fi notables, LA motion studio Laundry designed a series of animated shorts illuminating key moments from the 15-part series. [Watch]

Facebook Intellectual property | STASH MAGAZINE

Facebook Intellectual Property (Director’s version)

Buenos Aires animation and CG studio KASANA add life to the dry, intricate, but important matter of how Facebook handles intellectual property infringement on their platform. [Watch]