WarnerMedia HQ Interactive Light Sculpture Rare Volume | STASH MAGAZINE

Rare Volume’s Interactive Light Sculpture Rises 11-Stories at WarnerMedia HQ

Alvin Groen, interactive director at Rare Volume in NYC: “We recently completed the design and installation of an 11-story generative sculpture for WarnerMedia’s New York headquarters in Hudson Yards. [Watch]

Stash 154 preview | STASH MAGAZINE
Contours and Coincidence Short Film David Stout | STASH MAGAZINE

“Contours and Coincidence” Generative Short Film by David Stout

David Stout, the Dallas-based visual artist, composer, and co-founder of interactive media collective NoiseFold, invites you on an inky and narrative-free adventure in his latest short film Contours and Coincidence. [Watch]