Miss Sudoku and 49 Friends Collaborate on "The Angle" | STASH MAGAZINE

Miss Sudoku and Friends Collaborate on “The Angle”

Miss Sudoku in London: “One canvas created by 49 of the world’s best 3D artists. At a distance, it appears to be a gradient of rich purple through to baked yellow, but looking closer, each artist has created their own mini-masterpiece. [Read more]

"Between Two & Three" by Mestremotion and Hitabarity 3D | STASH MAGAZINE

“Between Two & Three” by Mestremotion and Hitabarity 3D

Marcel Hita (Hitabarity 3D) and Jaume Mestre (Mestremotion) in Barcelona: “This was a self-promoted project mixing 2D motion design rhythm with a 3D shading and look. The purpose was to experiment with motion design principles, mixing styles, and wondering what the result would be when forgetting about boundaries. [Read more]