Fabian Aerts LIE Short Film | STASH MAGAZINE

Fabian Aerts Exposes the “LIE” in New CG Short Film

Expanding on his 2021 CG motion experiment Synced, Belgian designer/3D artist Fabian Aerts crafts a poetic visual allegory for the corrosive power of deceit and deception in this new short film LIE. [Watch]

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Reef Short Film Fabian Aerts | STASH MAGAZINE

Fabian Aerts Explores the “Reef” in New Short Film

Brussels-based director/designer Fabian Aerts continues his CG motion experiments with a metaphorical short film called Reef that looks at the balance between life and death in nature. [Watch]

Pieces Short Film by Fabian Aerts | STASH MAGAZINE

“Pieces” Short Film by Fabian Aerts

Expanding on a visual direction explored in his spec 2020 title sequence “We Were Young”, CG artist Fabian Aerts releases the striking and introspective short film Pieces built around the concept “You are your worst enemy”. [Watch]

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“ADVENT x FAREWELL” Short Film / NFT Diptych by Fabian Aerts

Motion Designer and 3D Artist Fabian Aerts in Brussels, Belgium: “‘ADVENT x FAREWELL’ was designed as a diptych which symbolizes the beginning and the end of an era, birth and death that accompanies everything coming from this world. [Watch]