Miss Sudoku and 49 Friends Collaborate on "The Angle" | STASH MAGAZINE
DAIZE Brand Mood Film by The Dink and Sebastian Helene | STASH MAGAZINE

DAIZE Brand Mood Film by The Dink and Sebastian Helene

Director/animator The Dink in London: “DAIZE is a Canadian based vape brand that launched in 2020. High12 [a Toronto consumer packaged goods cannabis company] approached us to create the hero key art for the DAIZE print campaigns as well as a brand mood film.” [Watch]

Echoic X by Echoic Music and Sound Design | STASH MAGAZINE

Echoic and Friends Celebrate 10 Years of Music and Sound

Echoic co-founders David Johnston and Tom Gilbert celebrate a decade of creating music and sound design for commercials, animation, and independent films with a series of branded collaborations with 13 stellar artists and studios. [Watch]

“Brushes” with Greatness by The Dink

Designer/animator The Dink in London: “This experimental short follows the movement and personality of various household items. The environment that each brush finds itself in directly impacts the way they move, with each scene depicting a unique movement and flow providing an individual character to each brush. [Watch]

Best of Stash 2018 Music videos | STASH MAGAZINE

Best of Stash 2018: Music Videos

Outside the music mainstream, a rich ecosystem of independent artists and filmmakers collaborate to create an array of fun and fresh visual surprises. Stash makes a point of hunting down and collecting the most intriguing of these. [Watch]

The Dink Coach Hop I like Taylor Swift | STASH MAGAZINEå

Coach Hop “I Like Taylor Swift” Music Video

Motion designers The Dink and Laurence Honderick team up for an effervescent three-minute romp through the song “I Like Taylor Swift” for London band Coach Hop. [Watch]