Spline-Explainer-video-by-Ordinary-Folk | STASH MAGAZINE

Ordinary Folk Uses Spline to Introduce Spline

While brand explainer films are now ubiquitous, there are very few that actually use the featured product to create the finished visuals – like, say, this one by Vancouver’s Ordinary Folk for the browser-based real-time 3D app Spline. [Watch]

Ordinary Folk Tilt | STASH MAGAZINE

“Tilt” Animated Prompts by Ordinary Folk

Founder and ECD Jorge R. Canedo E. at Ordinary Folk in Vancouver: “Our pals at Vucko invited us to be a part of Tilt – an animated series of prompts, inspired by Brian Eno’s Oblique Strategies. [Watch]

ElasticON Global Ordinary Folk | STASH MAGAZINE

ElasticON Global 2021 Opener by Ordinary Folk

From the team at Ordinary Folk in Vancouver: “We had the pleasure of working with our friends at Elastic NV once again on an opener video for their 2021 ElasticCon event.” [Watch]

Elastic "Global All Hands Opener" by Ordinary Folk | STASH MAGAZINE

Elastic “Global All Hands Opener” by Ordinary Folk

Ordinary Folk founder and CD Jorge R. Canedo E. in Vancouver: “It’s a hard task to capture the heart and soul of a company in under a minute, but when [software makers] Elastic reached out asking us to help kick off their Global All Hands meeting the right way, we banded together with some of […] [Watch]

ABUS "Keep On Riding" by Ordinary Folk | STASH MAGAZINE

ABUS “Keep On Riding” by Ordinary Folk

Creative Director Jorge R. Canedo E. at Ordinary Folk in Vancouver: “It was an incredible ride partnering with [German safety and security brand] ABUS and agency Good Fortune Collective on this short ad.” [Watch]

Signals, Patterns, & Waves - Director’s Cut by Ordinary Folk | STASH MAGAZINE

“Signals, Patterns, & Waves (Director’s Cut)” Process Reel by Ordinary Folk

Creative director Jorge R. Canedo E. at Ordinary Folk in Vancouver: “Around a year ago, we worked on a fun set of illustrations and animations for a series of blog posts. It was a crazy, fun project exploring different ideas and concepts, and so we put together a little process video to show some of the behind-the-scenes creativity!” [Watch]