Doublemint Doodle commercial by Psyop | STASH MAGAZINE

Finding Love in a Doublemint “Doodle”

Psyop directors Marie Hyon and Marco Spier conjure an array of emotions with tiny, cute, and carefully designed characters in this sweet twist on the classic boy meets girl arc. [Read more]

Converse “Nursery Rhymes” by Psyop | STASH MAGAZINE

Psyop Updates a Nursery Rhyme for Converse

Director Marie Hyon and the Psyop crew offer an assertive new twist on The Old Woman Who Lived in a Shoe creating “story within a story tableaus of women, to create living portraits embodying the spirit of punk rock.” [Read more]


Quick, what was the single most outstanding piece of broadcast design from 2006? My vote goes to this exercise in cool grace directed by Psyop partners Marie Hyon and Marco Spier. It graced the cover of Stash 20 in May of that year and would feel right at home on the cover again today. [Read more]