The Telescope MTV Artist Ident by Matthieu Braccini | STASH MAGAZINE

MTV “The Telescope” Ident by Matthieu Braccini (Director’s Cut)

Motion designer Matthieu Braccini in Paris: “I had the awesome opportunity to be commissioned by MTV to make video, free in terms concept and artistic direction. [Watch]

Egg McMuffin by Matthieu Braccini (Director’s Cut)

Paris motion designer Matthieu Braccini recently created 15 tasty GIFs to promote Mcdonalds’ Egg McMuffin for TBWA then assembled all his visual experiments for the project into the planet’s most poetic interpretation of a breakfast sandwich. [Watch]

Waterfall 1.49 Matthieu Braccini | STASH MAGAZINE

“Waterfall 1.49” by Matthieu Braccini

Paris art director and motion designer Matthieu Braccini pays his respects to M.C. Escher and the British father/son team of Lionel and Roger Penrose by extending their optical paradoxes into playful 3D animation. [Watch]