Max Cooper "Spike" Music Video by Yoshi Sodeoka | STASH MAGAZINE

Max Cooper “Spike” Music Video by Yoshi Sodeoka

Director and video artist Yoshi Sodeoka in New York: “Lately I’ve been making a lot of audio-reactive generative works using a technique based on reaction diffusion. I realized that the pulsing rhythmic structure of “Spike” makes it a perfect audio track to synchronize with a visual improvisation on the impulse and evolution of imaginary microorganisms. [Watch]

In Pursuit of Ghosts - Max Cooper & Tom Hodge | STASH MAGAZINE

Kevin McGloughlin Walks off “In Pursuit of Ghosts”

This latest collaboration between filmmaker Kevin McGloughlin and musician/DJ Max Cooper is a hypnotic and handmade music video from ‘Yearning for the Infinite’, Cooper’s “audio/visual rendering of our obsession with the unobtainable.” [Watch]

Best of Stash 2018 Music videos | STASH MAGAZINE

Best of Stash 2018: Music Videos

Outside the music mainstream, a rich ecosystem of independent artists and filmmakers collaborate to create an array of fun and fresh visual surprises. Stash makes a point of hunting down and collecting the most intriguing of these. [Watch]

Max Cooper Rule 110 by Raven Kwok music video | STASH MAGAZINE

Max Cooper “Rule 110” Music Video by Raven Kwok

Animator/programmer Raven Kwok’s talents for generative visuals and processing algorithms prove a perfect compliment for musician/scientist Max Cooper’s track “Rule 110” which attempts “to visualize a Turing-complete machine.” [Watch]