Green Life short film Exposes Secrets CG Animation | STASH MAGAZINE

“Green Life” Exposes Production Secrets of CG Animated Shorts

In an act of true selfless courage, directors Ricard Badia, Russ Etheridge, and Milo Targett (sometimes disguised as “Plank Studio” in London) take us behind the scenes in this shocking exposé of how CG short films are actually made. [Watch]

"A Blue Wave" Short Film by Studio River | STASH MAGAZINE

Inspired by Lockdown, Studio River Releases “A Blue Wave”

Creative director and founder Keyvan Nourian at Studio River in Paris: “This is a personal project initiated during the third lockdown in France and inspired by the feeling of seclusion caused by the COVID pandemic. [Watch]

Armstrong short film by Russ Etheridge | STASH MAGAZINE

“Armstrong” Short Film by Russ Etheridge

Former Animade director/designer Russ Etheridge teams with writer/producer (and wife) Ayndrilla Singharay for a whimsical look at obsessive love, facing your fears, and how unlikely relationships can save us in times of disaster. [Watch]

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