Studio River Ponders AI’s Creative Future in Motion Plus Design Tokyo Trailer

In their trailer for the 2024 edition of Motion Plus Design Tokyo, founder/director Keyvan Nourian and his crew at Studio River in Paris use CG to build an abstract take on the question of the moment: How will AI change the creative profession? [Watch]

Studio River Elevates Falstaff for the Greek National Opera

Keyvan Nourian at Studio River in Paris: “We had the pleasure of producing the promotional video for the Greek National Opera’s ambitious new production of Giuseppe Verdi’s comic opera Falstaff. [Watch]

River-Launches-River-Paris-Perfume | STASH MAGAZINE

River in Paris Launches River Paris Perfume (Sort of)

French studio River expands a snippet of their brilliant 2020 mock-manifesto film into a full-blown and over-the-top faux-commercial for their own imaginary perfume while gently poking at the genre’s tropes. [Watch]

"A Blue Wave" Short Film by Studio River | STASH MAGAZINE

Inspired by Lockdown, Studio River Releases “A Blue Wave”

Creative director and founder Keyvan Nourian at Studio River in Paris: “This is a personal project initiated during the third lockdown in France and inspired by the feeling of seclusion caused by the COVID pandemic. [Watch]

Studio River Manifesto | STASH MAGAZINE

Studio River’s “Manifesto” Makes Fun of Everything, Including Themselves

Instead of cutting together the usual demo reel, French motion house Studio River introduced themselves as sponsors of the most recent Motion Plus Design event in Paris with this refreshing mock manifesto. [Watch]