NODE 2019 Opening Titles by Mister | STASH MAGAZINE

Coral as a Metaphor for Creativity: NODE 2019 Opening Titles by MISTER

From motion design agency MISTER in Sydney, Australia: “With the Node 2019 titles we wanted to celebrate collaboration and the creative process. We used coral polyps as our metaphor as they perfectly demonstrate how tiny creatures working together can make massive structures. [Watch]

NodeFest 2019 Rodrigo Germano | STASH MAGAZINE

NodeFest 2019 “Fruity” ID by Rodrigo Germano

Brazilian motion designer/AD Rodrigo Germano (currently freelancing in Melbourne, Australia) responds to Node Fest’s ID challenge with a CG stunner that pushes this year’s “Fruity” theme into unexpected territory. [Watch]

Node Fest 2018 Titles by Substance

The Node 2018 motion conference opened last week in Melbourne on a mysterious/sci-fi note with these titles by Australian 3D magician Scott Geersen and the crew at Substance. [Watch]