Arina Shabanova: Paramount Comedy ID

paramount-comedy | STASH MAGAZINE

Moscow artist/illustrator/animator Arina Shabanova whips up a curious romp filled with peculiar characters in this new ID for Russian cable and satellite channel Paramount Comedy, all powered by an infectious track from UK composer/sound designer Max Brodie. [Read more]

Patrick Doyon “Chilly Gonzales & Peaches”

The Junction Chilly Gonzales & Peaches | STASH MAGAZINE

If you like the “California Inspires Me” animated series from California Sunday Magazine and Google Play, you’ll love this enchanting new piece from Oscar-nominated Montreal animator/illustrator Patrick Doyon for The Red Bull Music Academy. [Read more]

Andres Restrepo: “Wave Arp” Flatland Sound Studio

Andres Restrepo | STASH MAGAZINE

Just when you thought you were done with pixel art animation (again), veteran illustrator, concept artist and character master Andres Restrepo unleashes this 2D adventure for Vancouver’s Flatland Sound Studio that feels more like a Cartoon Network series pitch than a music video. [Read more]

Shawn Wang “Planet Unknown”

Shawn Wang Planet Unknown | STASH MAGAZINE

New on the Stash radar: Shawn Wang, an CG generalist and motion designer living in Shanghai who completed “Planet Unknown,” his audacious debut 3D short (complete with sweeping cinematic score from Echoic Audio) during his final year at Communication University of China. [Read more]

Data meets Design: FutureDeluxe Pitches for Nike Magista 2

FutureDeluxe Nike Magista | STYLE FRAMES

Confessed football and sneaker zealots, London studio FutureDeluxe admit they pour too much time and love into jobs like this spot for Nike’s Magista 2 boot. Revealed here for the first time are some of the striking style frames from the pitch that landed the gig. [Read more]

Brandon Oldenburg and Moonbot: “Taking Flight”

Moonbot Studios | STASH MAGAZINE

Moonbot co-founder – illustrator/designer/sculptor/director/Oscar and Emmy winner – Brandon Oldenburg turns the studio’s many talents to a new in-house 3G animated short called “Taking Flight” inspired by the life of Antonio Pasin, inventor of the Radio Flyer wagon. [Read more]