Noma Bar Unmasks a Killer for NewYork-Presbyterian

Noma Bar New York Presbyterian | STASH MAGAZINE

Minimalist design and thoughtful transitions rendered in a hi-con palette add up to powerful story-telling from London director/illustrator/designer/artist Noma Bar thru NYC agency Seiden for NewYork-Presbyterian’s research into immunotherapy and it’s promise for treating cancer. [Read more]

Evan Viera and Charley Pope: “AIKO” Teaser

Charley Pope Aiko | STASH MAGAZINE

Undaunted after pitching their animated drama series “AIKO” to reluctant networks around LA, creators Evan Viera and Charley Pope committed to develop this atmospheric proof-of-concept teaser about “a young girl who discovers a well of mystical power within herself that she neither wants nor understands.” [Read more]

Golden Wolf: Zedd ft. Troye Sivan “Papercut (Grey remix)”

Golden Wolf Zedd Papercut | STASH MAGAZINE

Shoreditch prodco Golden Wolf build a poignant collage of the excitement and ennui of youth in this dense and collaborative black and white opus for the “Papercut (Grey remix)” track from Grammy-winning producer/musician Zedd. [Read more]

Def Jam: Back in the day Ep.1 by Malcolm Sutherland

Def Jam Back in the Day Ep. 1 | STASH MAGAZINE

Trip to the late 80s, as NYC graffiti artist and painter Cey Adams and fellow SVA grad Steve Carr recall their days as Def Jam Recording’s in-house design firm called the Drawing Board – creating classic album covers and overseeing the visual style of the artists. [Read more]

weareseventeen: Feeling Good about Sandwiches

Weareseventeen Feel Good Bakery | STASH MAGAZINE

London design and motion house weareseventeen help spread the word about UK charity The Feel Good Bakery who employ disenfranchised youth to make the sandwiches they cater to local businesses with all profits going to feed children in Africa and Romania as well as helping the recent wave of Europe-bound refugees. [Read more]

Llamas, Penguins and Pratfalls: Caminandes Ep. 3

Blender Caminandes | STASH MAGAZINE

Director Pablo Vazquez and his crew at the Blender Institute in Amsterdam are determined to lighten your winter blahs with a snappy slice of 3D character comedy topped with a warm and squishy ending. [Read more]