LeftChannel Opens the Beyond Conference for ThoughtSpot | STASH MAGAZINE

LeftChannel Opens the Beyond Conference for ThoughtSpot

Beyond, the annual data analytics conference presented by California software maker ThoughtSpot opened the latest edition virtually with this vibrant exercise in color and geometry – part of a full graphics package delivered by LeftChannel. [Watch]

Partnership to End Addiction Start with Connection animated commercial by Bonfire | STASH MAGAZINE

Partnership to End Addiction “Start with Connection” by Bonfire

NYC animation/VFX studio Bonfire and agency DiMassimo Goldstein craft striking metaphors to deliver a solid emotional punch in this PSA for US non-profit Partnership to End Addiction powered by music from The Lumineers. [Watch]

Rise Hope-a-nomics brand flm explainer | STASH MAGAZINE

Rise “Hope-a-nomics” by Legwork and Whirled

Upbeat explainers for serious causes always run the risk of trivializing their message but when tone and content are carefully balanced they make you want to stand up and cheer for even the driest and most complex of subjects.

Duncan Channon Upwork Hey World | STASH MAGAZINE

Gentleman Scholar for Upwork “Hey World”

Molten animation from Gentleman Scholar and in-your-face scripts from agency Duncan Channon help position Upwork in the exploding market for all manner of freelancers. [Watch]

JP Rooney Gentleman Scholar | STASH MAGAZINE

JP Rooney “Rejected Characters Take the B”

JP Rooney: “Sadly, not all designs are loved by a client. Fortunately for this character lineup, I didn’t want to see them simply die – so the original 2D designs got remixed into a 3D rendition as they await the NYC subway.” Design/animation: JP Rooney [Watch]

JP Rooney Gentleman Scholar| STASH MAGAZINE

JP Rooney says Life is a Box of Chocolates

JP Rooney, aka the Gentleman Scholar associate creative director with the ex-racing greyhound named Ghostface, channels his inner bonbon with this 3D Valentines confection full of snappy character animation. [Watch]