Best of Stash 2023: Event Films!

As directors and studios embrace the expanding creative freedom associated with producing titles and trailers for design-related events, the visual and emotional rewards have multiplied exponentially for both organizers and fans.

All these films were published in The Stash Permanent Collection during 2023 and are listed here in chronological order by the issue of publication.

Issue: STASH 157

Given carte blanche by The Game Awards organizers, directors Jonathan Plesel and Thibault Zeller at Paris studio Ambre Verse craft a trailer inspired by the madness of Dr. Strange’s multiverse and Apple’s landmark “1984” spot.

Jonathan Plesel and Thibault Zeller: “The world of video games is an inexhaustible source of inspiration for us, and we took the opportunity to create a memorable film under this year’s theme of ‘Games without frontiers’.”

OFFF 2023 Trailer
Issue: STASH 159

The 22nd running of the Barcelona OFFF festival opened with this innovative chapter-based campaign film, an allegorical journey crafted by hometown studio Vasava and London CG specialists Found Studio.

From the team at OFFF: “As the centerpiece of the campaign, a cubic-shaped object serves as the traveler of this
journey. It floats through the rooms, imbibing the unique qualities of each space and transforming its shape, color, and texture to reflect the transformative inspiration the audience receives from the speakers at OFFF.”

Issue: STASH 159

Bypassing the usual formulas for design event titles, State director Marcel Ziul assembles a wide variety of talents and styles for an introspective look at the stresses and strengths of emotions and their impact on our lives.

Marcel Ziul: “Through candid and thought-provoking storytelling, this film invites viewers to dive into the complexity of their own feelings. We follow a journey of experiencing the heavy burden of emotions and desires to find a way to heal.”

Issue: STASH 159

Fresh from the playful mind of Berlin-based director/animator Merlin Flügel, comes the trailer for the 2023 edition of the Stuttgart International Festival of Animated Film.

Merlin Flügel: “The marble run in the film is subject to certain rules and follows a certain track. But the real fun begins when unforeseen things happen – when balls derail and the track develops a life of its own. To me, this tension between chaos and order is what makes a festival tick, and I wanted to pick up on this feeling in my trailer.”

Issue: STASH 160

The 2023 edition of the Semi Permanent festival launched in Sydney with this quizzical animated title sequence by Emmy-winning designer/AD Filipe Carvalho reflecting on this year’s theme of reformation.

Director Filipe Carvalho in Lisbon, Portugal: “With everything that’s happening in the world today, I thought that reformation means a lot of different things to different people, but one thing’s for sure: change is coming.”

Issue: STASH 161

The crew at Berlin design and animation studio dyrdee set the tone for screenings at the 2023 edition of their hometown animation festival with a fun mix of ambient Barbie aesthetics and neo-punk attitude.

Dyrdee CD Ljubisa Djukic: “As special guests at the upcoming Festival of Animation Berlin 2023, we had the great honor to create the look of the event and the main trailer. We also exported assets that were transferred into print posters, animated OOH posters, flyers, newsletter layouts, etc.”

Issue: STASH 162

Erwin van den IJssel, Director in Amsterdam: “Earlier this year, I collaborated with BUCK on creating the identity for Playgrounds’ newest festival In Motion – a traveling animation & motion design festival, focusing on different themes in every new location.

“With the first two editions to be held in London and Rotterdam, the team at BUCK and I created a highly graphic identity based on the concept of ‘wavelengths’ – celebrating all the different disciplines and viewpoints that come together at the festival.”
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