POSCO "Iron Civilization" Interactive 360 Installation by Giantstep | STASH MAGAZINE

POSCO “Iron Civilization” Interactive 360 Installation by Giantstep

Giantstep in Seoul, South Korea: “Iron Civilization is a 360 interactive video experience for Park1538, a new cultural space celebrating the past, present, and future of Korea-based steel-manufacturing company POSCO. [Watch]

Nexus Google Doodle Back to the Moon FX Goby | STASH MAGAZINE

Behind the Scenes on Google “Back to the Moon”

The first VR and 360 interactive Google doodle celebrates filmmaking pioneer and VFX innovator Georges Méliès. The project was co-directed by Fx Goby at Nexus Studios and Hélène Leroux at Google. [Watch]

FITC Samsung Workshop | STASH MAGAZINE

Expand Your Field of View: Creating 360 Content

Join our friends at FITC for a half-day workshop in NYC to learn the basic principles and best practices for filming in 360, including how to capture video, edit and publish using the Samsung Gear 360. [Watch]