Aerobics by Tian Xiaolei | STASH MAGAZINE

“Aerobics” by Chinese Artist Tian Xiaolei

Tian Xiaolei’s latest project, Aerobics, is a carnival of eccentric and far-fetched digital creations that run amok in a graphic cathedral. [Read more]

Nexus Google Doodle Back to the Moon FX Goby | STASH MAGAZINE

Behind the Scenes on Google “Back to the Moon”

The first VR and 360 interactive Google doodle celebrates filmmaking pioneer and VFX innovator Georges Méliès. The project was co-directed by Fx Goby at Nexus Studios and Hélène Leroux at Google. [Read more]

Sprint Vector VR Game trailer | STASH MAGAZINE

Sprint Vector VR Game Trailer and Making-of by Chromosphere

From Chromosphere: “A frenetic and psychedelic animated trailer for the upcoming VR game SPRINT VECTOR from SURVIOS.” [Read more]

Hyphen Labs collective | STASH MAGAZINE

m ss ng p eces adds Hyphen-Labs to VR and Experiential Roster

Bicoastal production company m ss ng p eces today announced that Hyphen-Labs has joined the company’s VR and experiential roster. [Read more]

Reeps One Does Not Exist | STASH MAGAZINE

REEPS ONE “Does Not Exist”

Fun to watch even without the VR headgear, “Does Not Exist” claims to be the first music video for a track composed specifically for mixing in 3D sound. The film features London beatboxer Reeps One (aka Harry Yeff) and spatial audio created by Aurelia Soundworks with production, editorial and VFX by The Mill. [Read more]

Google Tilt Brush | STASH MAGAZINE

Google’s Tilt Brush: VR’s Gateway Drug

M ss ng P eces director Ray Tintori and the MPC crew make the creative potential of VR visceral and personal in this spot for Google’s Tilt Brush, a powerful and affordable app that allows you to design/sketch/paint/sculpt in 3D space. [Read more]