The School of Life Nagging | STASH MAGAZINE

The Truth About Nagging and Why it Doesn’t Work

The Truth About Nagging and Why it Doesn’t Work by Steve Kirby for The School of Life [Watch]

FutureDeluxe Wacom | STASH MAGAZINE

FutureDeluxe Releases “Plume” for Wacom

UK CG fiends FutureDeluxe re-team with Twistedpoly (aka designer/motion artist Nejc Polovsak) for another stunning excursion deep into 3D style with “Plume” commissioned by Wacom. [Watch]

Treated Like We Did Something Wrong ACLU | STASH MAGAZINE

ACLU “Treated Like We Did Something Wrong”

Daniela Sherer, an indie animator and illustrator based in Tel Aviv and London: “This is a short I directed/animated for ACLU. [Watch]

Abdullah Ibrahim NPR Jazz in America | STASH MAGAZINE

Abdullah Ibrahim: How Improvisation Saved My Life

The potent directing team of Melbourne’s Tessa Chong and London’s Lee Arkapaw animate a fantastic story by acclaimed South African pianist and composer Abdullah Ibrahim about surviving apartheid and the power of improvisation. [Watch]


Trevor Noah on the Power of Humor by Eoin Duffy

Eoin Duffy: “Trevor Noah details the far reach of laughter. A tool that houses the power to unknowingly connect two opposing individuals.” [Watch]

Third Man Books Were going to be friends | STASH MAGAZINE

Conan Remembers his Last Show with The White Stripes

Designed and animated by the Moth team in London, Conan’s wish to have The White Stripes perform on the final episode of Late Night with Conan O’Brien comes true in the most fabulous way. [Watch]