Hideki Inaba Short Film FLOW | STASH MAGAZINE

Hideki Inaba’s Hypnotic New Short Film “FLOW”

Following on his previous adventures in visual hypnosis including this music video for Beatsoffreen and this one for Canigou, Hideki Inaba’s new short film “FLOW” allows stylized animals to briefly coalesce out of pure organic abstraction. [Read more]

The Aston Martin V12 Vantage meets Unreal Engine by Platige | STASH MAGAZINE

The Aston Martin V12 Vantage Meets Unreal Engine

Art Director Michał Niewiara at Platige Image in Warsaw: “The era of Aston Martin’s V12 engines is leaning towards the sunset but that doesn’t mean it will go away quietly. [Read more]

Bulgari Le Gemme Fragrance Films by Builders Club | STASH MAGAZINE

Bulgari “Le Gemme” Fragrance Films by Builders Club

Builders Club, whose recent work ranges from this sleek product launch for Omega to this radical film for Nike, drops a sensual CG compilation for Italian luxury brand Bulgari and their Le Gemme fragrance collection.
[Read more]

UBS IDs on Sportsnet by Rogers Creative and Blirp Studio | STASH MAGAZINE

UBS IDs on Sportsnet by Rogers Creative and Blirp Studio

A fresh new set of fast and furious IDs designed to attract younger viewers to Canadian broadcaster Sportsnet just arrived courtesy of the Rogers Creative crew in Toronto and Argentinian animation studio Blirp. [Read more]

Facebook Take On Anything Loops by Hueso 1stAveMachine | STASH MAGAZINE

Facebook “Take On Anything” Loops by Hueso and 1stAveMachine

Director Gianluca Fallone at Hueso in Buenos Aires: “As part of Facebook’s Take on Anything campaign, we developed a series of animated loops for their carousels. The carousels behave like a gallery in which users can do some window shopping and discover awesome groups. [Read more]

Happy Easter from Platige Image | STASH MAGAZINE

Happy Easter (Planet) from Platige Image

From the team at VFX and post powerhouse Platige Image in Warsaw, Poland: “They say we were born too late to discover new lands and too early to explore new worlds. We’d rather believe that it all depends on our imagination.” [Read more]