Heat Wave Visual MX250 Goggles Launch Film by Inertia Studios | STASH MAGAZINE

The Dust Refuses to Settle in Inertia’s New Launch Film for Heat Wave Visual

Director Thomas Valente and the design and animation team at Inertia Studios in London (who made the Best of Stash 2023 with their Helfare spot) brave a serious dust storm in this launch film for Heat Wave Visual’s MX250 goggles. [Watch]

Collision Awards Logo | STASH MAGAZINE

The Collision Awards Set to Honor All Forms of Animation and Motion Design

The Stash crew are proud to be founding partners of the Collision Awards, the first honors to recognize animation and motion design excellence in all its forms. Call for entries is now open. Early entry deadline is March 8th, 2024. [Watch]

Rocketpanda Brand Film for Mectron | STASH MAGAZINE

Rocketpanda Eases Dental Distress With Dino Comedy

Using 2D animated frames to guide the motion of their 3D characters, the Rocketpanda crew in Verona, Italy, make a light-hearted but fully convincing case to no longer fear the dentist for dental device brand Mectron. [Watch]

Floating Point Art Origin Short Film | STASH MAGAZINE

Floating Point Art Release “Origin” Short Film

Director Jie Liou and the team at Floating Point Art in Taipei, Taiwan, just landed on the Stash radar with the release of the studio’s first short film, a precise and expansive CG ode to convergence called Origin. [Watch]

Bas Decent feat Amaarae Music Video by Pencil TV | STASH MAGAZINE

Pencil TV See the Light in New Music Video for Bas “Decent (feat. Amaarae)”

Paris animation/design house Pencil TV, director Danae Gosset, and co-director HouHou drop a lovely merger of metaphors and mixed media in this music video for Sudanese-American rapper Bas. [Watch]

All-Pro Team NFLPA by Cub Studio | STASH MAGAZINE

Cub Studio Go All-Pro for the National Football League Players Association

Expanding on their infatuation with American Football, Brighton animation innovators Cub Studio spin up a series of hand-painted 3D assets showcasing the 30 players selected to this year’s NFL All-Pro Team. [Watch]

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