“Chasing Shakespeare” Titles Take SXSW Audience Award

The 2013 SXSW Audience Award for Excellence in Title Design went to this lush visceral dream that opens Norry Niven’s feature “Chasing Shakespeare,” directed/designed/edited by Lucky Post’s Sai Selvarajan and Lucky Twenty One’s Marc Chartrand, with additional photography by Melanie Chartrand and music composed by Eric Kaye at The Lodge/New York.

Sai Selvarajan “We wanted to make a piece that played almost like a short film before the feature. Something that could stand on its own, while serve as an appetizer to the main course.” [Read more]


BUF: “Life of Pi” VFX Breakdown

With the VFX controversy still swirling around “Life of Pi,” it’s often tough to remember R&H was not the only studio working on the film. Veteran Paris VFX house BUF contributed the tiger’s hallucinogenic fauna-filled journey to the sea floor. “To satisfy the request for the transition from the body of the sperm whale [Read more]

Daniel Kleinman Lets The Skyfall

Here are the extremely captivating Skyfall opening titles from Rattling Stick director Daniel Kleinman with VFX by Framestore. From Goldeneye onward, Kleinman has directed all of the modern era Bond titles with the exception of Quantum of Solace handled by MK12. And as Skyfall celebrates the 50th anniversary of Bond with several campy nods to […] [Read more]

Kook Ewo and ChezEddy: Silent Hill 2

The ChezEddy crew and director Kook Ewo extend the frozen-horror-tableaux genre into stylized/abstracted but still gruesome 3D territory for the end titles of Silent Hill 2. [Read more]

David Fincher and The Goon Need Your Cash

I’ll admit this email came as a surprise this morning: a Kickstarter campaign to help David Fincher, Blur Studio, Eric Powell and Dark Horse Entertainment move “The Goon” toward the big screen. A little backstory from the press release: “Two years ago, David Fincher and Blur Studio optioned “The Goon”, developed a feature film script […] [Read more]

FWA/Adobe: The Cutting Edge Award

FWA and Adobe launch The Cutting Edge award, a global initiative and commitement to moving the web forward using the latest features and technologies in modern browsers. Every week on the FWA site, Adobe will showcase cutting edge examples of HTML5, CSS3, WebGL that best highlight the newest capabilities of the modern web. This week’s […] [Read more]