2023 TIAF Taichung International Animation Film Festival | STASH MAGAZINE

MixCode Take Flight for the 2023 Taichung International Animation Film Festival

Director Evan Chiu at MixCode in Taipei: “The 2023 Taichung International Animation Film Festival presents the work of creators from Taiwan and worldwide with ‘Between Light and Shadow’ as the curatorial theme. [Watch]

Samsung HMD Odyssey Aleksandr Smirnov The Ciners | STASH MAGAZINE

Aleksandr Smirnov Immerses You in Style for Samsung’s HMD Odyssey+ VR Headset

In this spec spot, director/CG artist Aleksandr Smirnov and the CG crew at The Ciners in London conjure an atmosphere of intrigue and envy by framing Samsung’s HMD Odyssey+ VR headset as an uber-fashionable must-have. [Watch]

Giant Ant and Rover To My Hooman | STASH MAGAZINE

Giant Ant Delivers an Adorable Message “To My Hooman” for Rover

Narrated by Rooster the dog, this quirky/adorable brand film animated by Vancouver storytellers Giant Ant anchors a surprisingly emotional new campaign from Seattle agency Little Hands of Stone (LHoS) for pet care platform Rover. [Watch]

Laundry Searches for Real Milk in a Sea of Imitators

With a flurry of animation styles (including 3D, 2D, cel, 8-bit, and photo-real CG) the Laundry crew pokes gentle fun at the ever-expanding torrent of milk imitators in the latest Got Milk? spot for the California Milk Processor Board. [Watch]

The Mill and The Sacred Egg for Topgolf Come Play Around | STASH MAGAZINE

In the Swing With The Mill and The Sacred Egg for Topgolf

The Mill rallies a massive team of VFX artists to replace 418 live-action heads with CG golf gloves in this swinging party helmed by Riff Raff Films’ directing duo The Sacred Egg for Topgolf and their electronic driving range game venues. [Watch]

Omer Hirsch Save Your Work Short Film | STASH MAGAZINE

Omer Hirsch Urges You to “Save Your Work” in New Short Film

Omer Hirsch, 3D motion designer in Toronto: “This is a personal project which reflects the most frustrating pain point of every creative process: working like crazy while time flies by, only to have a crash and realize you can’t remember the last time you hit Ctrl+s.” [Watch]