Halo Infinite Step Inside Patrick Clair | STASH MAGAZINE

Halo Infinite “Step Inside” by Patrick Clair and Raoul Marks

Working through Smuggler and 215 McCann, directors Patrick Clair, Raoul Marks and the Antibody crew in Sydney invite you to try on the Master Chief’s Mjolnir armor in this ambitious and atmospheric launch spot for the latest edition of the Halo franchise. [Read more]

Future Islands For Sure music video by Sam Mason | STASH MAGAZINE

Future Island “For Sure” Music Video by Sam Mason

Hornet Director Sam Mason conquers production restrictions during quarantine by using a video game controller to generate real-time racing sequences in this full-CG music video for Baltimore synthpop band Future Islands. [Read more]

Kyle Kinane Trampoline in A Ditch album promo | STASH MAGAZINE

Kyle Kinane “Trampoline in A Ditch” Album Promo by Meister

Producer Samantha Cook at Meister in Portland: “Comedian Kyle Kinane asked us to create an animation to promote the launch of his album, “Trampoline in a Ditch.” Kyle and his team at 800 Pound Gorilla Records were very open about letting Meister loose with this project. [Read more]

Unloading short film by Donerzozo | STASH MAGAZINE

“Unloading: Directors Cut” Short Film by Donerzozo

After designing a recruitment poster for the design team at the Chinese internet giant (and his current employer) Baidu, director/animator Donerzozo extended the central astronaut character into an atmospheric full-CG passion project. [Read more]

Isaura TV series trailer by Lucan | STASH MAGAZINE

“Isaura” Series Trailer by Lucan Animation Studio

The crew at Lucan animation studio in Cape Town, South Africa splits their time between brand-driven work and long-form animation development. “Isaura”, their latest shot at the latter features a young African protagonist and important environmental themes. [Read more]

Bronson Keep Moving music video | STASH MAGAZINE

StyleWar “Keep Moving” in Bronson Music Video

Corporate stock footage is hilarious enough on it’s but in this video for electronic supergroup Bronson, Smuggler directors StyleWar, The Mill, and editor Noah Herzog push the genre to a brilliant new extreme. [Read more]