Playard Studios Creates "An Artful Future"for The Wolfsonian Museum | STASH MAGAZINE

Playard Studios Creates “An Artful Future” for The Wolfsonian Museum

Playard Studios director/animator Carlos Fueyo uses Unreal Engine and manual CG modeling from photo references to craft an intricate and engaging tour through a proposed expansion of The Wolfsonian Museum in Miami Beach. [Read more]

Tsingtao "Raise the bar!" Spot by Bloom Film Design | STASH MAGAZINE

Tsingtao “Raise the Bar!” Spot by Bloom Film Design

Bangkok-based director and VFX supervisor Julien Vanhoenacker, who created the surreal post-apocalyptic 2016 short film “A Drop”, swings the tone and palette a full 180 degrees for this bright and breezy adventure packed with beer-loving penguins. [Read more]

Tajawal "Travel. Bring Back You" by Omar Hilal and Platige Image | STASH MAGAZINE

Tajawal “Travel. Bring Back You” by Omar Hilal and Platige Image

Dejavu director Omar Hilal and the Platige VFX crew conjure a forlorn folksinger (who also happens to be a mandrill) to prove Tajawal’s travel app can help you shake your routine-induced ennui. [Read more]

Kodansha "Take Flight" Spot by Juan Cabral and Untold Studios | STASH MAGAZINE

Kodansha “Take Flight” Brand Film by Juan Cabral and Untold Studios

As part of their rebrand for Japan’s largest publisher Kodansha, Brooklyn design house Gretel teams with MJZ director Juan Cabral and London VFX mavens Untold Studios to create this lyrical 90-sec film to frame the new identity. [Read more]

Microsoft "Premium Fonts" Brand Film by Six N. Five | STASH MAGAZINE

Microsoft “Premium Fonts” Brand Film by Six N. Five

Barcelona studio Six N. Five, who recently dropped this fabulous send-up of CG architectural visualizations, teams with Nando Costa for the latest in his series of intriguing and intricate brand films for Microsoft. [Read more]

Australian Red Cross "Worst Block in Town" by Turbopascal | STASH MAGAZINE

Australian Red Cross “Worst Block in Town” by Turbo Collective

French directors Turbo Collective take on that overwhelming feeling of helplessness many of us felt during the unrelenting torrent of bad news that was 2020 – for the Australian Red Cross thru DDB Sydney. [Read more]