Speed Animals short film by Oscar Mar | STASH MAGAZINE

Racers Take to the Street in Oscar Mar’s “Speed Animals”

Toronto director/animator Oscar Mar, whose resume includes gigs as lead motion designer and graphic design director at Electronic Arts and Ubisoft, creates a fabulous mix of style and tension in his new passion project “Speed Animals.” [Read more]

DOT-DROPS spec spot by Sunhye Kim | STASH MAGAZINE

DOT-DROPS Spec Spot by Sunhye Kim

Sunhye Kim, a motion design student at VDAS in South Korea, grabbed our attention with this vibrant spec spot for French luggage brand DOT-DROPS highlighting the customization fun of their optional sticker kits. [Read more]

Two for One Burger Bun music video by Impactist | STASH MAGAZINE

“Two for One Burger Bun” Music Promo by Impactist

Renaissance duo Kelly Meador and Daniel Elwing (aka Impactist) create an exhilarating collage of original photography, illustration, 3D graphics, and type for the track ‘Two for One Burger Bun’ from their latest album HEY PIG. [Read more]

Nixie & Nimbo series trailer Yves Geleyn | STASH MAGAZINE

Odin “Nixie and Nimbo” Series Trailer by Yves Geleyn

Designed to teach kids about anxiety in a relatable and entertaining way, “Nixie and Nimbo” is a streaming series co-created by Hornet director Yves Geleyn and the studio’s head of creative development Kristin Labriola. [Read more]

Tales from the Multiverse short film by Tumblehead | STASH MAGAZINE

“Tales from the Multiverse” Short Film by Tumblehead

The newest passion project from Danish animation studio Tumblehead, “Tales from the Multiverse” casts God as a single parent and wannabe programmer struggling to mind squabbling kids as he tweaks an app he calls the Multiverse. [Read more]

Katy Perry Smile music video | STASH MAGAZINE

Katy Perry “Smile” by Mathew Cullen and Joe Burrascano

In one of the most ambitious animated music videos of the last decade, London Alley director Mathew Cullen and Nathan Love animation director Joe Burrascano rally a massive crew for Katy Perry’s surreal circus romp in “Smile”. [Read more]