Rob Gillian Hair Today Gone Tomorrow animated short film| STASH MAGAZINE

“Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow” by Rob Gilliam

CalArts animation student Rob Gilliam takes a good-natured snip at the relationship between beards and the fragile male ego in his pointed and perfectly-structured 3rd-year film. [Watch]

Response short 3D film Tiber Ergür Muhammet Altun Hasan Salih Akan | STASH MAGAZINE

“Response” CG Short Film

The Istanbul trio of director/animator Tiber Ergür, art director Muhammet Altun, and 3D artist Hasan Salih Akan collaborate on an enigmatic personal project full of drama and beautiful light. [Watch]

Ugly film Nikita Diakur animated short film | STASH MAGAZINE

“Ugly” (Full Film) by Nikita Diakur and Redbear Easterman

Sweet, silly, sad, and ultimately sublime, the culmination of Nikita Diakur’s intriguing and innovative Ugly Project is a 12-minute animated fever dream the director describes as “a broken simulated short film about kindness and coexistence.” [Watch]

“Pura Vida” by Nata Metlukh

Animator/illustrator Nata Metlukh (now based in San Francisco) created her graduation film “Pura Vida” while studying at the Estonian Academy of Arts in Tallinn under the mentorship of acclaimed animator Priit Pärn. [Watch]

The Story of “The Only Gay in Nigeria”

This gripping animated mini-doc details the true story of Bisi Alimi, a former Nigerian TV star who went from “preaching hell fire and damnation” about homosexuality to the first person in his country to come out on national TV. [Watch]

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