toilet in a gallery short film | STASH MAGAZINE

Matt Gilligan’s “Toilet in a Gallery”

In 1917, as the horrors of the WWI unfolded, Marcel Duchamp changed the art world forever when he anonymously submitted a urinal entitled “Fountain” to a juried art exhibition in New York City. [Watch]

Sawtyruk_Under the Surface short film | STASH MAGAZINE

Michal Sawtyruk “Under the Surface”

Michal Sawtyruk, a master digital painter and illustrator based in Warsaw, Poland, translates the prismatic lighting of his still work into a short animated exercise that demonstrates the captivating power of pure atmosphere. [Watch]

How to Make Dinner animated short film | STASH MAGAZINE

Naomi Bensen Reveals “How to Make Dinner” in One Easy Step

Illustrator/animator Naomi Bensen in Los Angeles: “Super excited to share a little personal project I dreamed up about makin’ dinner. [Watch]

Happiness animated short film | STASH MAGAZINE

Steve Cutts Looks at “Happiness”

London artist/animator/illustrator Steve Cutts is at his best when unleashing searing social commentary, and that is certainly the case with “Happiness” – his take on consumerism released just in time for peak shopping season. [Watch]

Born in a Void short film | STASH MAGAZINE

Alex Grigg “Born in a Void”

Director/animator Alex Grigg’s latest personal short film, part of Late Night Work Club’s “Strangers” anthology, chronicles a modern-day Narcissus and a friend determined to help him escape his obsession. [Watch]

Krenn_Parasitic endeavors | STASH MAGAZINE

Simon Christoph Krenn: “Parasitic Endeavours”

Austrian CG artist Simon Christoph Krenn is making a name for himself creating disquieting (some would say disturbing) dynamic anatomical simulations like this film “Parasitic Endeavours” and the NSFW “Cambrian Explosion I” produced earlier this year. [Watch]