Flow by Nobutaka Kitahara animated short film Houdini Flip | STASH MAGAZINE

Enter the “Flow” with Nobutaka Kitahara

Tokyo CG artist and visual programmer Nobutaka Kitahara creates a fascinating alien world of floating geometric structures in “Flow,” his captivating 60-second 3D short that I wish was many times longer. [Watch]

catsophrenia by Everfresh animated short film | STASH MAGAZINE

“Catsophrenia” Animated Short by Everfresh

Join German animator Sebastian Pfeifer (aka Everfresh) for a little “half man half cat” animated weirdness. [Watch]

“Moths” by Scott Jonsson

Scott Jonsson: “Inspired by all of the tiny illusory moths I see out of the corner of my eyes late, late at night. Created with a mix of After Effects and cel animation.” [Watch]

Say Hello to the “Maneki-neko Collection”

The maneki-neko, aka the Japanese fortune cat, gets a frenetic overhaul by 26 artists in 26 seconds in this smile-inducing project put together by Moscow animation studio Petrick. [Watch]

Magnet animated short student film by Adica Cho | STASH MAGAZINE

“Magnet” Branding Project by VDAS Student Adica Cho

Director Adica Cho in South Korea: “This is self-branding graduate project that shows one of my strong points, collecting characters just like a magnet. [Watch]

“TINK” by Mr Kaplin

From motion and design studio Mr Kaplin in London: “Tink is a studio project that evolved from a series of animations experiments we created in April 2018. [Watch]

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