Robot and the Robots | STASH MAGAZINE

Jammin’ with Robot & The Robots

London animation studio Animade: “This studio project is a celebration of music, experimentation and of course, robots! “The animation is based on a band of talented robots performing their catchy hit, Robot_Song_03.mp3. We had great fun making this 3D piece and the process involved many layers, with a few twists and turns along the way. […] [Watch]

Neill Blomkamp_Kapture Fluke | STASH MAGAZINE

Welcome to Kapture Technologies

Oats Studios (Neill Blomkamp’s new experimental filmmaking venture) just released “Kapture: Fluke,” an all-CG short with the look and feel of a 2010 game cinematic powered by what Blomkamp calls “a very macabre sense of humor.” [Watch]

Bryan Coleman City Zero | STASH MAGAZINE

Bryan Coleman’s “City Zero”

Bryan Coleman: “What began as a study of city lights from above turned into a closer inspection on the creation of light structures from within. “My short film starts microscopically on an abstract formation of light from a pulse; a beginning. Strands of light move frenetically in organized and organic patterns replicating humans natural tendency […] [Watch]

JP Rooney Gentleman Scholar | STASH MAGAZINE

JP Rooney “Rejected Characters Take the B”

JP Rooney: “Sadly, not all designs are loved by a client. Fortunately for this character lineup, I didn’t want to see them simply die – so the original 2D designs got remixed into a 3D rendition as they await the NYC subway.” Design/animation: JP Rooney [Watch]

Matthew Lyons Transports Us to “Locations”

UK illustrator Matthew Lyons (whose client list includes The New York Times, WIRED, Playboy, and the Washington Post) expands his talent for nuanced palettes and ethereal settings gracefully into the video space. [Watch]

Alon Eder A am Sex | STASH MAGAZINE

Yuval Haker: Alon Eder “I Am Sex” (NSFW)

Yuval Haker, an animator/illustrator/designer and photographer currently interning at Dress Code in New York, created this stream of randy, colorful chaos as his graduation film at Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, Jerusalem. [Watch]