Cub studio_Love @ First Swipe | STASH MAGAZINE

True Story of Fraser Davidson’s “Love @ First Swipe”

Fraser Davidson, co-founder at Cub Studio in London, shares the impossibly charming/sweet/romantic story of meeting, wooing, and sharing life with his diminutive, hungry, and holiday-obsessed wife Vicky. [Watch]

Polish History The Unconquered | STASH MAGAZINE

Poland Remembers “The Unconquered”

Commissioned by the Polish Institute of National Remembrance, “The Unconquered” tells the heroic and little-known story of Poland’s 50-year struggle for independence after invasions by the Nazis and Soviet Russia in 1939. [Watch]

Foo Fighters Concrete and Gold | STASH MAGAZINE

Dave Grohl Reveals the Story Behind “Concrete and Gold”

The twisted tale of how the new Foo Fighters album “Concrete and Gold” came to be – as told by Dave Grohl and enhanced by the animation talents at Visual Creatures in LA. [Watch]

three colors fail short film | STASH MAGAZINE

Andrei Staruiala “Three Colours Fail”

New animated treat from Edinburgh’s very own Romanian-born director/designer Andrei Staruiala who brought us the various charms of “Scottish Sayings” earlier this year. [Watch]

Cecile Carre_Burn Out | STASH MAGAZINE

Cécile Carre “Burn Out”

Polished classical animation, gentle conflict, and a heart-tugging life lesson separate “Burn Out” from the pack of student films we’ve seen in 2017 and establish Gobelins grad Cécile Carre as a talent to watch. [Watch]

Jumpy animated short film | STASH MAGAZINE

Anthony Falleroni is Making Me “Jumpy”

Sometimes the making-of film is just as entertaining as the actual film (and sometimes more). Join Anthony Falleroni as he reveals the process behind “Jumpy,” his story of a lovable game avatar who refuses to give up. [Watch]