Andrew Myers_Moving Parts | STASH MAGAZINE

The Unexpected World of Andrew Myers’ “Moving Parts”

New York visual magician Andrew Myers translates his talent for vibrant, witty and often surreal editorial and advertising illustrations into a series of calm and curious vignettes in his latest personal work “Moving Parts.” [Watch]

Jubilee animated short film | STASH MAGAZINE

Hat’s Off to MOPA Student Film “Jubilee”

A Queen’s Guard and trusty corgi will stop at nothing to return her majesty’s hat in this delightful graduation film created by five students at the MoPA school of 3D Animation in Arles, France. [Watch]


Maxim Zhestkov “Elements”

Russian visual artist and motion designer Maxim Zhestkov employs dynamics, tension, and various forces of nature to wrangle two billion elements into a pristine 3D gallery of kinetic art installations. [Watch]

The Evolution of the Ugly Project

The expansion of the so-bad-it’s-good 3D sub-genre continues unabated with the latest addition to Redbear Easterman and Nikita Diakur’s Ugly Project – 50 seconds of spasmodic, busted, and ultimately smile-worthy dancing in a parking lot. [Watch]

Perfect Vagina Alex Peake | STASH MAGAZINE

A Few Thoughts on Pubic Hair and the “Perfect Vagina” by Alex Peake

Very personal insights on the complexities of discovering, growing, and shaving your pubic hair by Kingston University student Alex Peake. [Watch]

The Light in the Darkness Short Film | STASH MAGAZINE

Eli Guillou Finds “The Light in the Dark”

Wise words, austere visuals, and heart-felt narration conjure a surprisingly complex array of emotions in Eli Guillou’s film “The Light in the Dark” created during his senior year at SCAD. [Watch]