Hasmik Mkhchyan Electric Dreams PDK Metz Speech Short film | STASH MAGAZINE

Hasmik Mkhchyan Honors Philip K. Dick in New Short Film “Electric Dreams: Echoes of the Metz Speech”

Armenian director and motion artist Hasmik Mkhchyan combines her appreciation for American science fiction writer Philip K. Dick and new forms of visual storytelling into a personal short film created with Stable Diffusion. [Watch]

Fabrice Le Nezet Optical Arts Babel short film | STASH MAGAZINE

Watch Fabrice Le Nezet and Optical Arts Build and Destroy The Tower of Babel in Two Minutes

London studio Optical Arts and director Fabrice Le Nezet continue their in-house visual experiments with Babel, a short film “blurring the lines between history, illustration, typography, print, animation, architecture, and design.” [Watch]

Mat&Fab Get S#!? Done Short motion design film | STASH MAGAZINE

Mat&Fab Defeat Distraction and Failure to “Get S#!? Done”

Montreal motion design duo Mat&Fab (Mathieu Harrisson and Fabrice Fenoy) tackle meta themes of motivation and creator’s block in this playful animated short produced in concert with integrated prodco L’Éloi. [Watch]

Jonathan Djob Nkondo Little Taste of Joy Short Film | STASH MAGAZINE

Jonathan Djob Nkondo Drops a “Little Taste of Joy” With New Short Film

London-based French animator Jonathan Djob Nkondo, who we last saw opening the GLAS Animation Festival with an eccentric and enigmatic sequence, just released this exhilarating short film “Little Taste of Joy”. [Watch]

Media Work Data PostProcessing Short Film | STASH MAGAZINE

Media.Work’s Newest Short Film Finds Unexpected Beauty in “Data PostProcessing”

In their latest adventure into CG magic realism, creative director Igor Sordokhonov and the crew of 3D explorers at Media.Work conjure a series of tableaux reimagining technology and artifacts related to data postprocessing. [Watch]

Mr Pete & the Iron Horse Short Film YK Animation Kilian Vilim | STASH MAGAZINE

Kilian Vilim and YK Animation Explore the Dark Side of Speed in “Mr. Pete & the Iron Horse”

If you’re looking for feel-good vibes and a happy ending, this is not your short film. But if you love satire, fearless art direction, and 1920s-influenced character design, we highly recommend watching Mr. Pete & the Iron Horse. [Watch]