Moodles short film | STASH MAGAZINE

Unwinding with Ari Weinkle’s “Moodles”

Boston artist/designer Ari Weinkle describes “Moodles,” his latest abstract 3D experiment, as “a short animation based on the effects of negative emotions on one’s self.” [Watch]

Candyyyland animation jam | STASH MAGAZINE

“CANDYYYLAND” Animation Jam

For sheer inspiration, it’s hard to beat exquisite corpse and ani-jam projects for the number of ideas and styles per minute – and this new stream of chaos from a team of 30 animators (powered by “CANDYYYLAND” by Tofubeats feat. LIZ) is no exception. [Watch]

Qais Sarhan- The ‘Me’ Generation | STASH MAGAZINE

A Few Thoughts on the ‘Me’ Generation by Bo Burnham

UK motion designer Qais Sarhan: “I watched Bo Burnham’s ‘Make Happy’ special and really enjoyed it! I decided to animate a clip from his poetic rant about our obsession with constantly sharing our lives on social media.” [Watch]

Mighty Nice Happy Halloween | STASH MAGAZINE

Have a Mighty Nice Halloween

A fresh bit of Halloween fun from director Darren Price and the crew at Mighty Nice in Sydney, Australia, with Rumble Studios handling sound design. [Watch]

Vampire of Love Halloween | STASH MAGAZINE

Halloween Fun with “Vampire of Love”

Alicia Reece and Emory Allen at new Minneapolis animation studio Foreign Fauna: “What happens when all of Halloween’s creepiest monsters join forces? They form the world’s #1 spookybilly rock band! [Watch]

Ned Wenlock_Spring Jam | STASH MAGAZINE

Be Happy: Take a Peek at Oneedo Studio’s “Spring Jam”

Director Ned Wenlock and his intrepid crew at Oneedo Studio in Wellington, NZ, craft a carefully structured and beautifully drafted underdog tale in their animated short film “Spring Jam.” [Watch]