Born in a Void short film | STASH MAGAZINE

Alex Grigg “Born in a Void”

Director/animator Alex Grigg’s latest personal short film, part of Late Night Work Club’s “Strangers” anthology, chronicles a modern-day Narcissus and a friend determined to help him escape his obsession. [Watch]

Krenn_Parasitic endeavors | STASH MAGAZINE

Simon Christoph Krenn: “Parasitic Endeavours”

Austrian CG artist Simon Christoph Krenn is making a name for himself creating disquieting (some would say disturbing) dynamic anatomical simulations like this film “Parasitic Endeavours” and the NSFW “Cambrian Explosion I” produced earlier this year. [Watch]

Stash issue 126 Preview | STASH MAGAZINE

Check the Monsterous Motion Treats on Stash 126

Stash 126 jams another 31 inspiring and innovative motion projects into the Stash Permanent Collection, the largest online video archive of design, animation and VFX in the universe. [Watch]

Luna Motion Quotes Mallman | STASH MAGAZINE

Motion Quotes: “Francis Mallmann on Growing Up”

Directors Daniel Luna and Yaniv Fridman kick off their Motion Quotes project with insights from Argentinian chef Francis Mallmann “about friendship, coming of age, and the value of being true to your own feelings.” [Watch]

Supinfocom Legend Crabe Phare | STASH MAGAZINE

The Legend Of The Crabe Phare

A major hit on the festival circuit and winner of Best Student Project at Siggraph, “The Legend Of The Crabe Phare” was created by five talented students at SUPINFOCOM Valenciennes as their graduation film. [Watch]


Eoin Duffy and the NFB: “I am Here”

The existential internal monologue of your local cosmic traveller forms the story arc for Eoin Duffy’s latest short film “I am Here,” an emotional and thoughtful work from Vancouver’s master of minimalist animated tales. [Watch]