"White Fatigue" Short Film by Bigstar | STASH MAGAZINE

“White Fatigue” Short Film by Bigstar and Robe Imbriano

NYC studio Bigstar teams with writer/director Robe Imbriano (ABC’s Soul of a Nation) to address the history of white supremacy and how “passive racism perpetuated via white fatigue is the biggest challenge in the fight against racism today.” [Read more]

"0110" Short Film by Taehoon Park | STASH MAGAZINE

“0110” Short Film by Taehoon Park

In his new passion project “0110”, South Korean 3D artist Taehoon Park sweeps us into a grim tech-ravaged future where intelligent machines threaten what remains of humanity and one survivor makes his escape. [Read more]

"Aurore" Short Film by Clement Soulmagnon | STASH MAGAZINE

“Aurore” Short Film by Clement Soulmagnon

Clément Soulmagnon, a director/animator repped by Eddy in Paris, brings his distinctive illustrative style to “Aurore”, a new short film documenting the watery final hours of the eponymous heroine in her fragile glass cage. [Read more]

"Rules of Play" Short Film by Merlin Flügel | STASH MAGAZINE

“Rules of Play” Short Film by Merlin Flugel

Director/animator Merlin Flügel in Frankfurt, Germany: “Rules of Play is all about the phenomenon of playing. The playing field is the center of the ritual activities: role play, gambling, competition, and intoxication. [Read more]

"Data Processing" Short Film by Media.Work | STASH MAGAZINE

“Data Processing” Short Film by Media.Work

Toiling out of studios in Moscow and London, the team at Media.Work take a break from their commercial assignments to flex their experimental ambitions in this sculptural CG exploration of computing processes. [Read more]

Deekay Kwon "Virtual Game" Short Film Breakdown | STASH MAGAZINE

“Virtual Game” Short Film Breakdown by Deekay Kwon

South Korean director/animator Deekay Kwon reveals the illustration and rigging secrets behind his new looping short film “Virtual Game” – continuing his signature mix of cute characters, snappy animation, and sharp social observation. [Read more]